Working Pain-Free in Today’s Modern Office Environment

By Ken Smith, ergoKomfort

Modern Office Trends

The concept of working in the traditional, cubicle-filled office may soon be a thing of the past. Today’s modern offices feature open, collaborative workspaces where employees can work together. And, employees are changing too. Getting ‘off their posterior’ while working is becoming a health and wellness issue for both employee and employer.

While the office workspace has changed the office workstation has not.  Workers still need to type, use a mouse, and view computer monitor/s. Doing these tasks repetitively without the proper ergonomic products can lead to chronic pain, discomfort, and injuries.

You can reduce pain and discomfort by using ergonomic computer products and applying standard ergonomic principles at your workstation. For instance, a vertical mouse will prevent your wrist from rotating at an uncomfortable angle reducing the chances of a wrist injury.

Collaborative Workspaces - Cubicles are so 2000

The age of working in the cubicle farm is coming to an end. Collaborative workspaces are becoming commonplace in many companies. Many offices contain clusters of four-to-six worktables in a group. This setup allows workers in similar roles to collaborate and assist each other. By eliminating the cubical wall, they open up communications between employees. There are some people who suggest open workspaces make it more difficult to focus and be productive.

In a recent article on AZURE, a website dedicated to architecture and interior design, author Dawn Calleja wrote, "More than 70 percent of those in the U.S. now work in open-plan offices, according to the International Facility Management Association. Yet, studies proving these environments are bad for us to have been piling up for more than a decade. All of them point to negative impacts on productivity and mental and physical health – not to mention the bottom line."

Source: AZURE


Sit-Stand Workstations Allow You to Stay Fit in the Office

Sitting all day can be a real pain - physically. Your muscles tighten up and often cramp. Sitting for long periods also cuts off circulation leading. This can lead to serious health complications like blood clots, varicose veins, weight gain, and muscular atrophy. Occupational health experts recommend taking short breaks every hour. But, if your job isn’t conducive to taking breaks, you should consider a sit-stand desk or workstation.  

Sit stand desk converter | ergoKomfortSit-stand desks have an adjustable base so you can select the right height. If you still work in one of those dreaded cube farms, then you can buy a workstation converter. But buyer beware, not all products are equal. Look for solid construction and ergonomic factors. These products should include long-term guarantees and come pre-assembled. Both products allow you to mount a one or two monitors to the workstation. They also have options like larger keyboard trays and laptop trays.

Staying Pain-Free at Home

“Regular work-at-home, among the non-self-employed population, has grown by 140% since 2005, nearly 10x faster than the rest of the workforce or the self-employed.”

monitor stand | ergoKomfortAccording to Global Workplace Analytics, 4.3 million people or nearly 3.2% of the U.S. workforce now work at home. But, working at home doesn’t mean you have to work in pain. Affordable office furniture solutions are available online from and  At-home workers can use furniture that prevents repetitive stress and posture-related issues. A simple monitor stand can raise the monitor height and provide extra space for storing your keyboard

Integrating Mobile Devices in the Workspace

Many people use mobile devices like cell phones and tablets for work. But, if you’ve ever tried to type on a touch-screen, you know how un-user friendly these devices can be. Not to worry!  You can always purchase a compact, wireless keyboard for typing and data entry purposes.

Rotating tablet stand | ergoKomfortWhat do you do with the mobile device when you come into the office? Or what do you do if you have to collaborate with a co-worker on a small tablet screen? Laptop and mobile device holders make it easy to use mobile devices in the office. Look for products that swivel or are height-adjustable so they fit your work style.


No matter where you work, there are ergonomic products to relieve your pain in the workplace. If you don’t see a product you like on the ergoKomfort website, contact us at  We will help you find the perfect product, even if you are still working in the cube farm.