Your Best Solution Has to be Your First Solution

“Your best solution has to be your first solution”

That statement came from an ergonomic professional who assesses chronic ergonomic problems in the workplace.  He was contracted by a workman’s compensation insurance company to solve ergonomic workplace problems.

We have had the pleasure of working with him on many cases. In these cases, the pain went away or became effectively manageable, resulting in a grateful and productive client.  We provide the recommended solutions from highly articulating ergonomic chairs to vertical mice. 

With workman’s compensation cases, this is always after the fact.  After the spine or leg problems are created by sub-standard seating, after the resultant repetitive motion injuries were caused by using an un-ergonomic computer mouse that came with the computer and after rotator-cuff injuries were caused by an improperly designed key board unsuited for the kind of in-put work required.

So, we posed a question to our associate ergonomic assessor:

Since our products work as solutions for existing ergonomic problems, would they prevent future ergonomic problems - before the fact?

His answer is yes.

So why aren’t companies buying them for their employees? 

That question is harder to answer.  It involves many issues, demographics of a workplace, economics and finances of a company. However, very often, it’s the degree to which a company is not knowledgeable about the cost saving productivity of well-designed ergonomic products.

Like many problems in our world, the solution may start with a person who seeks an individual solution.  So, we invite you to explore the world of ErgoKomfort and let us help you find your individual best and first ergonomic solution.