Ergonomics: "The Science Of Fitting The Workplace Or The Task To The Worker"

Who We Are

25 Years Ago, after seeing computer monitors placed on piles of telephone books so they could be viewed properly and comfortably, we invented and started marketing our acrylic, adjustable CRT, Laptop/Desktop, and LCD Flat Panel Stands. We still sell them every day. Over the years they've been purchased by thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations ranging all the way from Scotland Yard to Frito-Lay. We've grown since then not only as a result of our online sales at but also because of our expanding direct B2B sales like HBO & Children's Hospital Boston, as well as ergonomic product fulfillment activities for large computer-product distributing companies like Insight.

Our Emphasis is on ergonomic and disability-related computer products, and we've also become an important source for many other specialty computer accessories rarely found in Office Supply and Office Furniture stores. (/n case you need one, we'll be happy to furnish you with a computer keyboard that works under water so that you can use it while you're snorkeling). Our product lines include items such as:

  • Assistive Technology Products for Those with Disabilities
  • Privacy, Magnified, and Anti-Glare Monitor Filters & Screens
  • Adjustable Keyboard and Mice Platforms
  • Adjustable Monitor Stands and Arms
  • Adjustable Work Stations
  • Ergonomic, Specialty, and Left-Handed Keyboards & Mice
  • Ergonomic Task, Executive, and Knee-Sit Chairs
  • Footrests, Document Holders, and other Workstation Accessories
  • Sit-Stand Products
  • Lighting and Vision Products
  • Laptop Stands and Holders

What We Do

Our Mission Is To Serve The Ergonomic Needs of individuals, businesses, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and particularly those with disabilities. We endeavor to make the computer workplace economically, as well as ergonomically feasible, comfortable, and productive at home, at work, or in an industrial/commercial or lab environment. And,we try to do this in the most caring, informative, and personal way possible at competitive prices.

Our Business Credo

We believe that all our customers are intelligent and deserve nothing but truthful answers. We're never afraid to say, "We don't know, but we'll research it and advise you as soon as we can."   We have access to world-wide sources and we know where to find thousands of ergonomic and adaptive products.

We Listen

We Always Listen To Our Customers Carefully because we know they're the best source of ideas for new and improved products and services.

Real Customer Support

We Also Realize How Important It’s For You To Easily Reach a Live Human during business hours who can help you quickly. Consequently, we have no “Auto Responders” when you email us at so you'll get a quick “live” response. We have no phone menus when you call; so you reach Ella or Lee immediately when you phone us during business hours. After business hours, if you leave word on our answering machine, you'll get a call-back from us no later than the next business-morning.

We Like To Meet Our B2B Customers whenever possible, and also exhibit our products at corporate health and vendor fairs so our products can be tried out because we know we’re really in a "touchy feely" business.

We Offer Volume and "Contract" Pricing and accept major credit cards, PayPal, and bona fide purchase orders.

If You Can't Find What You’re Looking For at , get in touch with us by phone or email. We'd love to have the opportunity to help you!


We hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks for reading this.
Lee, Paul, & Ella 
ErgoKomfort Inc.