Evoluent Vertical Mouse for Left-Handed Users - Wired
Evoluent Vertical Mouse for Left-Handed Users - Wired Evoluent Vertical Mouse for Left-Handed Users - Detail of Pointer Speed Adjustment Evoluent Vertical Mouse for Left-Handed Users - Detail Image
$ 98.97

Evoluent VerticalMouse4 Standard Wired Left (3131L)

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Designed for left-handed users!

  • Comfortable And Easy To Use: Shape is thoughtfully sculpted for uncompromising comfort  
  • Programmable Buttons: No finger contortions are needed to operate the buttons.
  • Improved Thumb Rest: Thumb rest has been reshaped to provide more comfort than earlier versions.
  • Two New Thumb Buttons: A new bottom thumb button provides greatly extended functionality when used with the included driver.
  • Extended Little Finger Lip: Now prevents it better from rubbing against desk or mouse pad.
  • Adjustable Laser Sensor: Pointer speed controls on the side allow convenient adjustment without even releasing your grip from the mouse.
  • Pointer Speed Indicators: Top mounted LEDs show through the chrome thumb rest to indicate selected pointer speed including extra low (XL), low (LO), MD (medium), to high (HI).
  • Powerful & Intuitive Driver: The Evoluent Mouse Manager for Windows provides extensive but easy-to-use functionality for 6 buttons through a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Lighted Evoluent Logo: The illumination turns off when the system is in sleep mode to conserve notebook battery power
Windows: Includes driver for Windows XP, Vista and Win 7 in 32/64 bit for programming all 6 buttons. The driver is not required. The VerticalMouse 4 still has basic functionality without it.
Mac: Basic functionality in OS X or newer without a driver: A Mac driver is coming in late 2012
Linux: Basic functionality without a driver